Who We Are

Mike and Shana Walsh met in 2001 while working together at Island Surf & Sail, a board shop on the Jersey Shore. With a shared passion for boardsports, and complimentary duties within the shop, it didn’t take long for the pair to become inseparable. In 2007, the dream of having a shop of their own became a reality, and oTHErside Boardsports was born. With a strong emphasis on customer service and a true passion for what they do, within two years oTHErside had grown out of their small retail space and needed to upgrade to keep up with their growing customer base and increasing demand. Somewhere amongst those two years, Mike and Shana were contacted by a college student named Matt Sextion, who had created a Collegiate Kiteboarding League and was planning an event in the area.

This was the beginning of many mutually beneficial transactions among the two organizations, and the start of a great friendship. The three shared a vision- of a place where people could go and choose from an array of adventure sports, be active and enjoy the outdoors that the beautiful Florida Key has to offer. This place would be a training ground for riders who were like-minded, and an introduction to these fantastic sports for anyone who would give it a try.

Four years and a venture capitalist later, in the creation of oTHErside Adventure Park, Mike and Shana have formed a partnership with now professional rider and marketing guru Matthew Sexton. With a college degree in Business management concentrated in culture and entrepreneurial processes and a well established name in the wakeboarding, kiteboarding, and cable riding industry, Matt’s industry knowledge, connections and worldly experience adds great value to this project. Before becoming and international Team Rider for Slingshot Kiteboarding, Matt worked as a Slingshot wakeboard sales rep and was highly instrumental in the research and development process for cable-specific wakeboards. In 2011 Matt was featured on the cover of Kiteboarding magazine in their ‘Wake-Style Riding” Issue. As operating owner of Keys Cable, his influence continues to bridge the gap between the wakeboarding and kiteboarding disciplines and expose the benefits of each through cable riding.