We love wakeboarding and we love sharing it with others even more. All of our cable options include basic coaching. No experience, no problem! However, for children under 10 years old, we recommend the ‘additional coach’ option. See below for more info


Choose a private cable rental (reservations accepted) or mingle with other riders with a walk-in pass….

Option 1: PRIVATE CABLE RENTAL- $165/hr base rate for up to 5 people. Choose either our beginner or advanced systems and its your and only yours for the duration of your rental. Your group will enjoy personalized coaching and exclusivity on the dock. Gear rental is additional at $17 per setup (wakeboard, life jacket and helmet). Reservations recommended but not required.

Option 2: WALK-IN PASS: A more traditional cable park experience, you’ll purchase access to the park for a duration of half hour, 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours. Your time will be shared with other ‘walk-in’ riders as we rotate through the line. Just like purchasing admission to an amusement park, the less people, the more time you have on the ‘ride.’ But don’t worry, we do cap out the number of riders at any give time so we can guarantee at least two sessions within a hour pass (our most popular option). Prices are per person.

1 HOUR – $37 on personal gear, or $54 with ours

2 HOUR – $46 on personal gear, or $70 with ours

***Additional coaching can be added to any of the above. A second coach is recommended for young children on their first time. This coach will stay with them in the water for comfort and guidance. $49/1 hour

OR, choose one of our specialty courses:

CABLE FOR KITE $199, 1.5 hour. Max two people

Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world, it is also one of the most three dimensional.  The Cable for kite program is the best compliment to our kiteboarding lessons with oTHErside Boardsports and will jump start your intro to the world of kiteboarding.  This 90 minute course will allow you to develop muscle memory and the necessary board skills without the variability of having to control the kite.  If you are planning on taking a lesson and have no previous board skills or you have already spent several hours with an instructor but can’t seem to get comfortable riding continuously, this course will greatly increase your chances for success!  We are the only cable park in the world to offer this course and guarantee it will increase your learning curve! More info here: Cable for Kite

FOIL LESSON $199, 1 hour. Max two people

The foil craze is spanning many different genres of board-riding. Surf, paddleboarding, wakeboarding and kiteboarding have all adapted a version of it. In this one hour lesson, you’ll progress through a series of equipment taking full advantage of different length masts to get you up on foil. Believe us, the hype is real! The 2-tower cable systems allow us the ability to have precise control of the cable speed in a controlled environment so that you can learn as quickly and safely s possible. Booties/watershoes and wetsuits are are recommended.


Birthday Parties at The Lagoon are a great opportunity for outdoor fun that your child will surely remember for years to come. Contact Matt@GrassyFlats.com for inquiries. Please include as many details as possible, including approximate number of riders, age range, preferred dates and special requests.

6 Comments on “Rates

  1. Hello,
    I will be in Key Largo from 22-25 October and was hoping to try out kite surfing. I sail and ski so have a tiny bit of an idea about balance and wind.
    I assume that a cable for kite course would help start the process. How do I book this, can I just turn up?


  2. Hey Gordon! We’d be stoked to get you on the water and starting with the Cable for Kite is 100% the best way. Reservations are required as you will be working specifically with a kiteboarding instructor instead of our (equally awesome) wake coaches. Give us a ring at 305-414-8245 and we can get you set up!


  3. My family and I will be in the area December 9-17 this year and I for one would love to stop by thepark, are you guys still open after the recent hurricane irma? Also any option to tour the permaculture system or gardens while there?


  4. Yes! We (barely) survived Irma! The Garden has been restarted from scratch and is in motion to become bigger and better than ever! We’re open 7 days a week, stop in!


  5. Is your foil program rate ‘per-person’? Can you break the hour into two or three pieces? I suspect this may be very tiring for a first-timer. It sounds like a perfect way to start foiling.

    I would suggest some videos on Youtube if not already posted. Thanks. Jimmy


  6. The Foil lesson is good for up to two people. It’s nice to be able to split the time with an buddy!


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