Keys Cable is located at oTHErside’s Adventure Park, which sits on 50 acres in the heart of the Florida Keys!  Our lagoon is one of many that border the Overseas Highway which goes from Florida City to Key West.   Dating back to the early 1900’s these quarries were dredged by The East Coast Railway for the construction of Henry Flaglers “Overseas Railroad.”

Through the 1960’s quarry operations continued leaving us with almost 5 acres of tidal lagoon with depths reaching as deep as 65 feet!

After its life as a quarry the property transformed through the next 30 years spending most of its time as an aquaculture and research facility.  In 2008 the oTHErside crew got their first glimpse of the the property’s potential when they hosted their first contest “The Green Grass Wake Jam”.  (

After several years of red tape and persistence Mike and Shana Walsh contacted Matt Sexton notifying that the property was once again on the market, and the crew decided to give their vision a chance!

The business model the crew has evolved off of focuses strongly on “Organic Growth.” So the first step was to establish a fun and profitable activity that would attract tourists and locals while the property was groomed after years of neglect.  Littered with leftover aquaculture equipment and heavy invasive plant growth the long tedious clean up process began and has shown no plans of slowing down.

In March of 2012 we opened the gates to Keys Cable bringing in Wakeboarders, Kiteboarders, and Stand Up Paddleboarders by summer of 2014 we will open the remainder of the accessible property and begin rolling out the rest of our Action Sports – Eco Farm which is oTHErside’s Adventure Park.  Through environmental consciousness, education, and fun healthy activities we will continue transforming this property into another great little gem that the Florida Keys has to offer!

Please come visit and ask one of our friendly staff for a tour!




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