Welcome to Keys Cable at the Lagoon! The most fun you can have without a boat!

Get Dock Time

Dock Time              Pass                 Pass +Rental             Add Coaching

1 Hour                        $35                         $54                              $49

2 Hours                      $46                         $70                              $69

Dock access is limited to 5 persons per. hour

Don’t like to share?!?

We’ve get it…

Take over the Cable, with a private rental!!

1 Hour $164; gets you the dock and the beach for a chill afternoon with up to 5 guests! 

Need the gear? Not a problem!  $17/pp gets you everything you need to shred the lagoon!

Get there faster with a coaching session!

Our friendly and experienced operators are always happy to throw out a couple of useful tips, but when you feel like you or your child needs that one-on-one time to get started, or to take their riding to the next level, oTHErside offers coaching sessions. Our staff includes professionals from many disciplines including wakeboarding, kiteboarding and cable riding. Call to make a reservation, fill us in on your goals, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!!

Get the Gear Breakdown

    Rentals                                                                       1/2hr.          1 hour.           2 hours

Complete Wakeboard & Binding setup               $14              $17                 $25

Wakeskate                                                                 $8                $10                 $15

Helmet                                                                        $3                $3                   $6

Vest                                                                              $3                $3                   $6

Rent a GoPro – record your epic-ness                    –                 $16                 $30

Note* GoPro Rental includes one mount. Choose from the vented helmet mount, suction cup board mount, or chest mount. All users are required to wear the included mount tether- loss of GoPro is the sole responsibility of the renter and replacement is full retail price. SD memory card is not included with GoPro rental. Cards are available for purchase or you can bring in your own!   

All rental rates are for on-site use only.

Visa or Mastercard is required for security deposit and rental agreement must be signed by persons 18 or older.

All about the SESITEC 2.0, the cable your dreams are made of…

Virtually replacing the need for a boat, cable systems are an overhead towing device used to pull riders (wakeboard, waterski, or kneeboard) across a body of water. Keys Cable has unique, 2-point cable systems that are independently operated. Unlike traditional cable systems that pull multiple riders around a lake in a square or circular motion, our systems pull one rider at a time between two points, in a continuous, back and forth motion.

The riding feel is very similar that behind a boat, but slightly easier because of upward lift that is incurred from a higher tow point. The cable systems are run by small, electric motors, using only about as much energy as a small refrigerator, making them very energy efficient and the greenest source of wakeboarding available. And at keys Cable powered by the sun!


The 2-point system gives the rider many advantages over a full size cable. Independently controlled system gives the operator the ability to customize a ride just for you. Not only can the speed be controlled for ability level but the cable is meant to be stopped when the rider falls. This means less swimming and more riding! Riders will no longer incur the swim/walk of shame. After a fall, the cable will stop, and the operator will bring the handle to the rider, who will continue the ride from that point in the lake. Advanced riders can still perform all of the air tricks that can be done behind a boat or full size cable, and will enjoy the quick recovery after a fall.

BONUS: Did you know our park is run by Solar Power?

Thats right the whole shebang including the cable is run by a 72 grid solar field atop the roof of the pro shop we generate so much power they now pay us to SHRED THE NAR 🙂

See you on the dock!

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