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“We are beginner kiters and went to the cable park to get a handle on board skills. We learned more in an hour than we would have in a week of kiting lessons. The ability to just focus on the board and turns, without worrying about the kite, was priceless. The staff are really friendly and very knowledgeable. They are super safety oriented, but make sure that you have fun. There were a couple of kids learning to wakeboard, and they had a blast too. Lots of fun and very safe.” Carol A via Trip Advisor


Man! I finally got a good lesson. Been trying to kite for two years- great with kite skills but awful with board skills. Within 30 minutes, I was boarding up on my kite board with ease. Can’t remember their names, but the two guys running the shop are the real deal. I was nervous and they made it easy. This really needs to be part of intro kite boarding101 and in time I think it will. These guys and the company are gonna explode with popularity. I promise you kiters and boarders need to do this. Thanks for the experience.“- Sam Brown MD, Jax FL via Trip Advisor


 I had a great experience at keys cable. I’ve been to another cable park before with another kite instructor and this is a lot better by landslide. My instructor was patient and able to give me good pointers and helped me actually enjoy as opposed to face planting for hours on end likely previous experience.” -Bkusuma via Trip Advisor

KITEBOARD-BOARD RIDING TRAINING                                                                                          

I am novice at kiteboarding who has been struggling to get the timing and ‘knack’ of getting up and running on a kiteboard. My instructor in Key West suggested that I visit Keys Cable. I’ve just returned from this experience. I wish I’d known about this kind of training before, though I’m not sure many places do it. The coaching was first class. He reinforced all the good things other instructors have told me. We then started the simulation training in a former quarry now filled with clean warm water. Virtually straightaway I could feel and see what should and should not be done with the board, and I could better picture how this relates back to combining it with the kite process. I wish now that my first kiteboading lesson had been in the same quarry, followed by kite training skills, then putting the two processes together, instead of the other way round. Two suggestions: start your kiteboarding using a system like Keys Cable; if you’re struggling with getting up (as I did hugely) find somewhere like it. Matt and his small team are first class.”  -Henry Morris via Trip Advisor




Kiteboarding is one of the hottest growing watersports in the world.  Its a combination of some of the most popular watersports all rolled into one!  With a single sport its pretty amazing to imagine all of the possibilities that you can experience, one minute your going for a leisurely cruise like a windsurfer, next your throwing back rolls like a wakeboarder, all of sudden your pulling into waves on a surfboard, then your jumping up to 50 ft in the air at which point you feel like a paraglider, point being, there’s something for everyone.  


A standard kite board lesson is three hours long and its broken down into a couple different necessary skills that must be individually mastered before you can put them all together! Usually your first two hours are dedicated to learning the kite, putting power into the kite, and more importantly taking power out of it!  Then there are all of the safety features for the “what ifs” & “oh Sh!%” scenarios, as well as relaunching, body dragging, power zones, wind windows, and thats just the start of it!  Needless to say there’s a lot of action in the first two hours and if all goes to plan hour three usually introduces the board and begins the process of you actually “kiteboarding”!

People often tell us, “well I’m an all star wakeboarder” or “I’ve been windsurfing for 20 years” or “I was surfing cloud break in Fiji last week” we’ve heard it all over the last 13+ years.  Reality is, unless your a wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailor, with a passion and history of flying double handled stunt kites, its going to be a bit hard, and this course can jumpstart your experience.


Wakeboarding and kiteboarding look incredibly similar to the blind eye, but in fact the two are extremely different.  You can ride behind a boat or a jet ski or even a full size cable but your not going to get the same feeling that a large kite 20+ meters in the sky will provide.  The system 2.0 is the tool that levels the playing field and the inspiration for us creating this “Cable for Kite” course.  In our 90 minute program we provide you with a crash course in the theory that is going to be explained to you during your kite lesson but in a less intense atmosphere where it will be easier to absorb.  Then in the most controlled and isolated manor we help you experience that information first hand as your ride back and forth behind the system 2.0 perfecting your skills and techniques with 1 on 1 instruction from our coaches.  


Our goal is that after 90 minutes you can ride in both directions ( which is crucial if you ever want to make it back to the beach) and you have the basic feel and understanding for transitions and how the board relates to the kite.  The course is designed for 1-2 riders and the majority of the time is spent actually riding which can leave you slightly winded.  That being said the goal is to build up the muscle memory so when your time comes to get on the kite, it happens as if its second nature to you!  Because of this we recommend taking this course one to two days before your scheduled kiteboarding lesson or just as a more affordable introductory lesson to make sure you can stand up on the board and you like the sensation of “kiteboarding”.  It doesn’t matter how many burpees you can do or whether or not you won your last crossfit competition, kiteboarding can be extremely physically and mentally demanding so setting up yourself up for success will mean taking cable for kite and your kite lesson on separate days.

The results we have seen from our Cable for Kite program over the last four years have been tremendous and we have constantly evolved the course over time to work for and relate to riders of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds.  Please feel free to contact the park or shop with any further inquiries and we’d be happy to tell you how we can tailor this course to your specific needs and learning abilities. Thanks, and we look forward to getting you on the water!IMG_2579


$180.00 + TAX for 1.5 hours kiteboard, helmet, and jacket included.  Max 2 people.







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