We are the premiere wakeboard cable riding provider of the Florida Keys. Cable systems are an overhead towing device used to pull riders (wakeboard, waterski, or kneeboard) across a body water. There are close to 150 cable parks throughout the world dating back to the 1960’s, although only in recent years have they become popular in the US. The riding skills are very similar to those behind a boat, perhaps easier because of upward lift that is incurred from a higher tow point. The systems run on electrical power and are very efficient at that, making them the greenest source of wakeboarding available. The Keys Cable has two 2-point cable systems that are independently operated. That is- instead of going around the lake in a square or circular motion, riders will be towed between two points, in a continuous ride back and forth. The cable systems are run by small electric motors, using only about as much energy as a small refrigerator. Come check us out!

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