New Year, New team! Introducing….

Danny Hampson

Danny began riding at a young age and has been one of the major players in the world of wake skating for over 15 years. Danny is an exceptional Wakeskater, Wakeboarder, Skateboarder – He has a couple big awards in the trophy cabinet to boot – 12′, 13′ National champion, Alliance rider of the year 08′, Video section of the year 08′,10′, and 13′.  The list goes on…

We will be offering custom sessions and camps with Danny this spring on both boat and cable. Also stay tuned for the ultimate adventure where you can get a custom weekend for you and your friends with Danny and Matt Sexton cable/kite/boat/dive/fish all in a 3 day 2 night package!

Raised in Florida Keys he is also able to give you a few top tips on the apre’s hot spots too.
If you are lucky enough to get a session with Danny you won’t forget it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 14.17.35

Toby Yeo

Over 10 years of wake experience and 4 years coaching professionally. He also runs an operates an online Wake platform & clothing line which is titled Junction 23 where a crew of riders travel, shred and film throughout Europe.

Understanding his accent could prove to be difficult but just nod & smile and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time on the water with one of the UK’s best up & coming riders.


Nathan Hikkila

Nate has moved down to The Keys from The Great Lakes, Michigan. Growing up in that part of America usually leads you to undertake various different outdoor activities – Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Mountain Biking, Speer fishing, Hiking and Stand up paddle boarding.. All of which he happens to very good at.

Always on the move and after that next sweet session. He has enough expertise and coaching techniques to help sink a ship, especially if you book onto one of our specialised cable for kite coaching sessions.



Josh McNew


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