Gobble Gobble!

Keys Cable will be open for the entire holiday week with an early shutdown on thanksgiving day at 3:00 p.m.!

Thanksgiving in the keys is a wonderful time of year!  We are expecting a good number of people in town for the weekend so we encourage riders to call ahead and check for availability.  If your group consists of 3 or more riders we strongly recommend you call in advance to book a private rental.  This guarantee’s a reservation for you and your group and allows us to make sure people can get on the water when they want!

For more information on booking please contact us direct at 305 414 8245

Thanksgiving weather info:

There are some larger cold fronts dipping down from the north east over the week which will bring some windy weather to us down here in in the keys!  While we are expecting temperatures not to drop below the mid 70’s  the wind will make the water slightly chilly so make sure to pick up a wetsuit top or a shorty!  We have a limited stock on sale at the park but a much more extensive line at our Islamorada location!  Make sure to inquire  about our cable for kite sessions as this is the perfect holiday week to capitalize on the wind and get proficient at kiteboarding!!

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