Truck Loads of 2013 Slingshot

Slingshot Wakeboards, the pioneers of flex wakeboards, have released their new 2013 line up of boards and boots an they’re looking HOT. Keys Cable received their first shipment via freight truck earlier in the month and the full line in now available for your purchasing or demo pleasure.

You know what makes Slingshot wakeboards the coolest wakeboard company there is? Well, lots actually, but lets start with the fact that they’re built right here in the land of the free and home of the brave. Wakboards built in the USA? Thats a novelty in itself. The 2013 Slingshot Lyman takes the USA love one step farther, by donating a portion of every Lyman pro-model sold to the Wounded Warrior Project, helping out our wounded vets that have sacrificed for our freedom.

Second best part- slingshot wakeboards are built with local, sustainable materials, called trees. The wood core it what gives the the slingshot wakeboards the incredible responsiveness and intuitive feeling that is unlike any other wakeboard on the market.

The next point of awesomeness- suuuper sick graphics. Check out pro wakeboarder Mike Ennen’s sick artwork that you’ll be standing on every time you ride the 2013 Newton, 2013 Hooke, or 2013 Kine. We sometimes wonder if these wakeboards are better suited under your feet or on the wall. We choose both…

Lastly, the technology and innovations that have defined Slingshot as a company over the last 14 years can only be explained and appreciated by riding one of these boards. So, come on down to Keys Cable and try one.

Buy a 2013 Slingshot wakeboard at Keys Cable or and you are supporting our country’s domestic factories, keeping the earth green, backing the industry’s talented artists, proving yourself with the best shed-stick available AND supporting your local pro-shop. So do your part! Buy 2013 Slingshot!

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